Introducing “GAIA” – our exclusive, one-of-a-kind crochet bag that embodies the essence of our brand’s voice – sustainable, stylish, and unique. Meticulously handcrafted with love, GAIA is a true testament to our commitment to eco-friendly fashion and responsible consumerism.

Crafted from the finest quality recycled cotton and intertwined with a shimmering thread of metallic yarn, GAIA boasts a captivating combination of regal purple and enchanting magenta (pink) tones. This vibrant blend of colors not only exudes elegance but also radiates the playful spirit of modern fashion-forward women who embrace their individuality.

Every stitch of GAIA tells a story of skilled craftsmanship, weaving together sustainability and chic fashion effortlessly. Its versatility and spacious design make it the perfect companion for all your daily adventures, be it an urban escapade or a social soirée.

By carrying GAIA, you carry a statement of conscious fashion choices. With each stride, you make a positive impact on the environment, showing the world that fashion can be both ethically crafted and stylish.

As you embrace the spirit of individuality with GAIA by your side, you redefine trends and inspire others to join the sustainable fashion movement. The name “GAIA” itself pays homage to Mother Earth, reflecting our collective responsibility to nurture and protect our planet.

Be the trendsetter you were meant to be – redefine fashion with GAIA, the exclusive recycled cotton and metallic yarn crochet bag. Shop now and own a piece of art that not only complements your wardrobe but also echoes your values. Together, let’s weave a sustainable future in style, with GAIA leading the way.



This bag is crafted with a mix of recycled cotton yarn and recycled metallic yarn.

  • Crochet
  • Gold metallic details
  • Width: 21cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Length: 7cm
  • Small crochet handle: 25 cm
  • Large metallic handle: 120 cm





Metallic recycled yarn, recycled cotton


Blue/Silver, Green / Yellow, Multicolor, Orange / Yellow, Pink/Purple


21x20x7 cm

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